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* DO NOT hotlink.

* PLEASE CREDIT every work you take.

* Feel free to post your own works.

* There are no restrictions to what you post, but if it is a picture that may not be suitable for younger viewers, please place it behind a cut and put a warning.

* This community is friends only. Therefore, only people who are joined may see and take work... because they're not cheap and they credit. If you wish to be added, join the community and I will either accept or reject you.

* All posts made MUST be friends only. If they are not, they WILL be deleted.

* People who do not credit others work are not wanted here. If you're one of those people, don't come here.

* This is not a place to argue. Keep it friendly, people. If you've got issues, take it elsewhere.

* Advertising is allowed, but please do not flood the community.

* Post introductions under an lj cut.

* When posting icons, a maximum of 3 are to be posted outside of the lj-cut. As for pictures, they must be placed directly into the lj-cut.

* Comment before you join the group.

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